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An Urban Music Education Podcast hosted by Eric and Justin. They provide tips and strategies through honest discussions about their experience teaching music in an Urban setting. The goal is to provide a positive and solution-based narrative to create more effective, compassionate and culturally relevant music educators.

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Ep. 61- Take The Charge: Our Role In Our Student's Musical Journey The Score

In this week's episode, Eric and Justin talk about the major role we as music educators take in our students' journey in music. They both unpack what it truly means to be in the work of cultivating the next generation of educators in the field of music. Eric will also drop a major life change that has been fueled by the desire to help create the environment and culture that will foster our students to be the next generation of educators. Please check out this week's episode and be encouraged as we prepare for a new season of teaching and inspiring!!! Enjoy and share!!!In Rotation:Big Pokey "Ball n' Parlay"- EricSwoop "24"- JustinConnect with us Facebook, Twitter & Instagram:@podthescore;[email protected];The Score Podcast WebsiteSupport The Score on Patreon or PaypalMusic Credits:Intro: Justin McLean @jusmackmuzikIn Rotation & Outro: Ben Bohorquez @jamin_music
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