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An Urban Music Education Podcast hosted by Eric and Justin. They provide tips and strategies through honest discussions about their experience teaching music in an Urban setting. The goal is to provide a positive and solution-based narrative to create more effective, compassionate and culturally relevant music educators.

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Ep. 103- The Hustle Outside of Music: Dr. Kelvin Jones The Score

In this week's episode, Eric and Justin get the great opportunity to catch up with none other than Dr. Kelvin Jones. Dr. Jones is a world-class musician/educator and a product of The Jackson State University. He is the former director of the famous LSU Tiger band. Dr. Jones has since switched lanes and now resides in the world of real estate development and music consulting. Listen in as Dr. Jones discusses this new chapter of his career. This new hustle is nothing but the very foundation that helped build his decorated music resume. This episode is a call and push to see the world outside of the band hall and that the instrument of work may change, but the hustle is still all the same. Please check out this week's episode to be encouraged and inspired. Enjoy and share!!! In Rotation:Eric- DJ Diego Alonso – Mix Fiesta MexicanaJustin- Robert Glasper "In December"Kelvin- Bobby Blue Bland | Bigger Pockets Podcast  | Real Estate Rookie Podcast | Club Shay Shay Podcast Support the showConnect with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @podthescoreEmail: | The Score Podcast WebsiteSupport The Score on Patreon or PaypalMusic Credits:Intro: Justin McLean In Rotation & Outro: Ben Bohorquez – @jamin_music
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